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The needs of the security customer have grown immeasurably from the days of the "one cam-era with VCR" environment. Whether your needs are basic video surveillance or a state-of-the-art CCTV security system, is your one-stop source.

CCTV Camera



Intelligence Video System

Hand held Metal detector

Walk through Metal dectator

Hard wired security systems

Wireless security systems

X10 security system

Web connected systems

Access control systems are designed to permit the free flow of authorized movement into any site, whilst denying entry to unwanted visitors. There are different types of access control technologies that can all be used to solve enterprise access solution.

Biometrics reader

Access control cards

Access control keypads

Access control finger prints

Satellite board

Face recognition system

Time and attendance system

Wireless security systems

Integrated finger print module

Wireless entry system

AKS will typically self-perform all Low-Voltage and special systems, including fire alarm, CCTV, paging, intercom systems, security, data and telephone. This allows total control of the design, cost and installation schedules.

Scheduled maintenance programs

Commercial fit out and maintenance Data

cabling such as- CAT5, CAT6 and Fiber optic

Voice cabling such as- Telstra lead in and MDF work

Technology services maintenance such as- POS kiosk, Computer and network equipment, Telecommunications equipment

Home and office automation systems such as- CBus, TBus

Electrical Installations (Industrial, Commerical, Residential

Data & Communications Cabling

Programmable Control Systems/br>


Smart Wiring Systems

Antenna Cabling Systems (Digital and Free to Air

Structured wiring systems

We are the cost effective supplier of quality barrier gate products that will make Gate Saver system even more effective, safe and easy to use.

Barrier gate

Turnstile barrier gate

Sliding gate opener

Traffic barrier

90 degree folding barrier

LED screen barrier gate

Warning gates

Smart Wiring Systems

Resistance Barriers

Magnetic sensors

AKS offers information on various audio and video intercom products which include

Digital control panel

concerning unit

power supply

color monitor

Door phone

Indoor phone

Color video door phone

2 wire color video indoor system

7 Inch TFT - LCD video door phone

Touch & Talk door systems

AKS provides innovative home networking solutions. AKS offer friendly and simple ways to automate your home with the intelligence to make a profound impact on your daily living.

Transceiver module

Rail Dimmer

Florescent dimmer

Plug in - in line module

Infrared distribution

Wall speaker

Home control systems

Wireless transmitter

Lightning control products

Energy management product